Domestic Violence Expungement

Domestic Violence Expungement

Domestic Violence Expungements of California

Domestic Violence convictions are one of the most common prosections in California. Prosecution agencies are often aggressive in seeking convictions, which results in the offender having a Domestic Violence conviction on their criminal record. These cases usually involve three-year probation, a fine, restitution, and a 52-week anger management class. Fortunately, these convictions can be expunged from your criminal record, and felonies can be reduced to misdemeanors as long as no state prison time was imposed. 

What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a criminal offense against another person who is closely related intimately or by blood (marriage, domestic partnership, dating, parents, children, etc.). This conviction on your criminal record can make it difficult to find future employment. 

Types of Domestic Violence Convictions

Corporal Injury (Penal Code 273.5): Corporal injury deals with a “traumatic condition” such as red marks, swelling, or bruising to a spouse or cohabitant. 

Domestic Battery (Penal Code 243(e)(1)): Domestic battery includes a conflict between a cohabitant, your child’s parent, a current or former spouse, or a dating partner and does not require a visible injury.

Criminal Threats (Penal Code 422): This involves the threat of serious harm with the intent to cause fear in someone.

Domestic Violence Firearm Issues

If you have been convicted of domestic violence, an expungement will not reinstate your firearm rights. An expungement does, however, remove the conviction from your criminal record. 

What Is Domestic Violence Expungement?

An expungement can remove a domestic violence conviction from your criminal record so that it doesn’t show up on background checks. Most convictions can be expunged but become more difficult as the severity of the crime increases. A successful expungement will grant you the ability to answer “No” when employers ask if you’ve been convicted of a crime in the past. 

Why Get Expungement?

Most employers will do background checks on potential employees and, if they find one with a domestic violence conviction, they won’t consider the circumstances surrounding the case. Most domestic violence cases end up being one person’s word against the other’s, although both parties are partially to blame. Employers don’t think about that when looking at your background check. An expungement will remove the conviction from your criminal record to increase your eligibility for employment, housing, professional licensing, and education opportunities (grants, student loans, licenses, and word-study).

How To Get A Domestic Violence Charge Expunged

To expunge a domestic violence conviction, you will need to fill out a petition with the court so that the judge can determine if you are eligible for expungement. They will then go through your paperwork to decide whether or not to remove the conviction from your record. Hiring an attorney is important because they will help you with paperwork and give you a better chance in court if there is a hearing.  

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