San Fernando Expungement Attorneys

San Fernando Expungement Attorneys

Criminal Record Expungements in San Fernando

A criminal record will affect your day-to-day life by decreasing your chances of employment, loan approvals, housing, professional licensing, and education. The residents of San Fernando, California can have their criminal record expunged when they contact a professional expungement attorney through EZ Record Clean. A successful expungement will remove the conviction from your criminal record so that employers and landlords cannot see it on standard background checks.

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How does the process work?

Step 1
The first step is to hire an attorney who will help you prepare for the expungement. They will assess your situation and develop a strong case for you.
Step 2
The next step is to file a motion of expungement with a California state court. Our attorneys will help you with all of the documentation that goes into filing for an expungement.
Step 3
A judge will be assigned to your case and will assess your petition for expungement. With a strong enough case, they will usually go ahead and expunge the conviction.
Step 4
If the judge decides to expunge your case, your conviction will be dismissed and cleared from all standard background checks.

The Law

Expungement laws vary from state to state. The expungement law for California can be very complex and is categorized under Penal Code 1203.4. Due to the complexity of this law, it is a good idea to hire a San Fernando attorney for your case. Each expungement is different, which means some crimes will be easier to remove than others.

It is also worth noting that under California Law, the prosecuting attorney of the original case must be notified of the expungement application at least 15 days before the hearing. This gives them time to prepare an argument if they choose to raise objections against your expungement. If they do prepare a case against you, there will be a hearing in which you will be required to argue your side of the case. One of our attorneys can help you prepare for this and ensure the success of your expungement.

We offer a variety of services including:

Requirements of Expungement

If you were convicted of a crime and completed your sentence or was granted early release from probation, you are eligible for expungement. There are a few requirements for a successful expungement, including:

If you are currently on probation, we can help you obtain an Early Termination of Probation with help from one of our San Fernando attorneys. As long as you have completed the terms of probation and have valid reasons to justify the termination of probation, this can be relatively simple to complete. Valid reasons include employment limitations or restrictions from necessary travel. Usually, you will have to have completed 12 to 18 months of probation to be considered for Early Termination of Probation.

Ineligible Persons

Anyone who served time in state prison, violated their probation terms, or were convicted of sex offenses against a child are not eligible for expungement. This includes sodomy, oral copulation, or sexual intercourse between someone 21 years or older with someone under the age of 16.

The Process

The expungement process is almost always 100% online. This means that your attorney will take care of everything for you without you ever needing to leave the comfort of your home. Even if there is a hearing, we can usually go on your behalf to argue for your case and have the motion for expungement accepted.

Step 1: Preparation

The first step is to hire one of our attorneys to help you prepare your motion for expungement. They will prepare your case and bring up any arguments as to why your expungement should be accepted.

Step 2: File

After preparation, your attorney will fill out and file all required paperwork with a California state court. A judge will be assigned the case and will assess your petition for expungement. They will then decide if you are eligible or if there should be a hearing.

Step 3: Present

Next, if there is a hearing, your attorney will go on your behalf. They will fight for your case. Remember, the prosecuting attorney can also show up with their own objections against you. Our attorneys have years of experience and can confidently fight for your expungement.

Step 4: Expunge

After the motion is accepted, the court will file your expungement and remove the conviction from your record. This erases the conviction from all standard background checks so that employers and landlords can’t see it.

Expungement Limitations

Although expungements will greatly increase the opportunities in your life, they do have a few limitations. These limitations include:

Some of these issues can be resolved with help from an attorney through California’s Certificate of Rehabilitation and California’s Governor’s Pardon.

How Long Does It Take?

Expungements can take anywhere between 2 to 8 months but, with help from an attorney, can be sped up by combining motions. Our attorneys can package an expungement motion with early termination of probation or a motion to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor. The cost of an expungement usually begins at $120 for court fees.

Expungement Benefits

There are multiple benefits that come with successfully expunging a criminal record. These benefits include:

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Requirements of Expungement

If you were convicted of a crime and completed your sentence or was granted early release from probation, you are eligible for expungement. There are a few requirements for a successful expungement, including:
Settle all fines and restitution

You must have been charged and convicted in a California state court

Finished all sentencing requirements

Paying all fines and restitution, attending ordered classes, and performing community service

Completed any probationary period

However, one of our attorneys can help you have the probation terminated and the conviction expunged in the same case.

Finished community service & counseling

Finished any required community service and counseling

You cannot currently be imprisoned

Have any other charges against you, or on probation for another criminal offense.

And many more...

To find out if you qualify to expunge your criminal record, take our free expungement eligibility test

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I thought I would have to spend another year on probation but thanks to you guys helping me with the early termination of probation I was able to get off a year early and get my record expunged.  Thank you!

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Jason P., Fullerton saved my life!  I was having problems getting employment until the Law Office of Jimmy Cha was able to expunge my record.  I was able to proudly say ‘No’ when asked about any prior convictions during interviews

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