Free Criminal Background Check

Free Criminal Background Check

California Criminal Defense Expungement Attorney - Get Your Free Criminal Background Check

There was a time when one could have a run in or two with the law and really suffer no long term consequences. With the digital revolution, that time is now long gone. This is why taking advantage of our free criminal background check service is a smart move. If there is something on your criminal record, you definitely want to find out before someone who is making a key decision that will impact your future finds it.

A Haunting Past

If there is one thing everyone can agree about when it comes to us humans, its that we make a boatload of mistakes. You might drive home from a birthday after having a few drinks and end up convicted of a DUI. You might get into a fight with someone who insulted your date and end up with an assault conviction. The list of ways things can go wrong quickly is endless. Unfortunately, so is the long term torment a criminal conviction can have on you even if it is simply a misdemeanor.

Background Checks

You’ve probably seen the ads on television. Some random company advertises their instant background check service with the suggestion that everyone should be using the service. They even suggest doing a background check on your potential date! Have we really reached this point as a society? Apparently we have because these commercials are still running.

As a person who has had a few run ins with the law, it is critical that you know what is floating around out there regarding you. If you were arrested as a minor, is there a record of it? Did you just assume that it would be sealed when you turned 18? Maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t. The simple fact is you need to know what is out there even if you think there is nothing. Failing to check can be a disaster if something does pop up, even if it is a mistake on your record.


Why does any of this matter? The answer is simple. Consider the issue of employment. Over 80 percent of businesses now run background checks on individuals applying for positions with them. Who do you think the company is going to hire – the person with a criminal record of the person without one? The answer is obviously the person without the record. In fact, the insurance premiums for companies go up if they hire people with criminal records.

A criminal record has huge consequences for a person as they progress through life. A youthful indiscretion, for instance, could keep you from getting your license to be anything from a lawyer to doctor or a stock broker. You can also forget about ever owning a gun and it may be hard to find an apartment if you have a landlord who runs background checks. Most do.

First Step

The first step to dealing with the problem is figuring out if you really have one. We provide a free criminal background check that pulls up the same data a potential employer, landlord or licensing board would see. Once the data is pulled, we can ascertain if there is anything for you to be worried about. If there is, the next step is to take action to get it removed.

Clean Slate

Is it possible to get a criminal record wiped clean in California? Yes, in many cases it is. The old cliché is America is the land of second chances. The cliché is true in this case and particularly so in California. There are legal maneuvers and petitions that can be filed to expunge adult criminal records, have felonies reduced to misdemeanors and seal or expunge juvenile records to mention only a few possibilities. The days of a criminal record haunting you for life are over for the most part if you use a firm like ours who knows how to get a record wiped clean. In California, you can get a second chance at life. You just need to reach out and grasp that chance.

Are you ready to take that first step? Are you ready to make sure your record is clear so you can realize that dream of having a good job, a family and a future? If so, you need to contact us today at 800-628-0285 to get your free criminal background check. Should your record be clean, you can move forward with confidence. If a problem or two shows up, we can show you methods for removing them and getting on with your life.

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