California Expungement Attorney

California Expungement Attorney

California Expungement Attorney, Law Firm - Seeking an Expungement of Your Criminal Record

A criminal record is something that will follow you around for the rest of your life unless you deal with it. This means getting the offending act removed from your record. If you hope to overcome the objections of the district attorney, you are going to need the help of an experienced expungement attorney.

Dogged By Criminal Past

We all make mistakes in life. Sometimes those mistakes end up in criminal
charges. In the past, this wasn’t necessarily a critical problem as one could pay their debt to society and then move on with life. Unfortunately, this really isn’t the case any longer as you probably already know if you are reading this page.

The internet has revolutionized society in so many ways that it is hard to understate its importance. In general, it has opened up huge collections of date that were previously hard to get at. Perhaps just as important, it has made accessing said data fairly easy and cheap as well. While this is a good thing in most cases, it is crippling for the person with a criminal record.

Performing background investigations used to be something only groups like the CIA did. Now everyone does them. Most employers now order background checks on potential employees as a matter of standard procedure. If you have a criminal record, it is going to show up. No longer can you simply move to a new state and start anew. Now that criminal mistake follows you around regardless of where you go.


All is not lost if you have a criminal record. There is a very good chance we can get rid of it for you. In California, the process is known as seeking an expungement of your record. The expungement is actually a reopening of the original case. The facts of your conviction are not rehashed per se. Instead, we call witnesses and provide evidence that you’ve turned the corner and complied with all the necessary requirements set down by the court in the original case. The court then weighs this evidence, listens to our argument as to why you should be given a new start and then makes a determination. The district attorney will, of course, be opposing the motion throughout the hearing, which is why it is critical to have an attorney on your side.

Expungement Attorney

An expungement attorney is a form of criminal attorney who deals with convictions after they have occurred. He or she is versed in the process of getting a criminal record removed including knowing the tricks of the trade that can turn a bad situation into a good result.
So, what should you look for in a potential attorney? This is an area of law where you want a specialist like our firm. The expungement process is a very technical one with a host of deadlines that must be met. Get just one of them wrong and your application will be rejected without argument. This is why you need representation that know the process like the back of their proverbial hand and have a long history of successful expungement actions.

Online Services

The internet doesn’t only hurt individuals with criminal pasts by making background searches easy; it also hurts them by giving them the false impression that these actions can be handled without an attorney. This is very misleading for one simple reason. The online services you will see only file the application seeking expungement. If the district attorney then opposes the motion, and they usually do, these services provide you with no further help. You end up in court by yourself facing a judge while the lawyer from the district attorney lays siege to your expungement application. If you think that is going to turn out well, I have a bridge I want to sell you!

Moving for expungement is an act that is going to set the course for the rest of your life. If the application is successful, your criminal past is removed from the record. It will be as though you never were convicted in the first place. Imagine not having to check the “convicted of a crime” box on an employment or loan application. Given the importance of the outcome of an expungement action, retaining quality counsel is a wise move.

Is pursuing the expungement of your criminal record a smart move? Absolutely, but you must treat it as a serious matter. Don’t risk failure. Pick up the phone and contact us at 800-628-0285. Let’s get that criminal conviction taken off your record.

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