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Your criminal record can be an obstacle to success in your professional life. Regardless of whether you are convicted or not, being arrested can have a negative impact on a person. The good news for you is that the laws in the state of California provide a way to clean your arrest record through record expungement and/or record sealing.
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How To Get Cases Expunged In Fullerton California? Criminal records can affect your daily life in many different aspects. It can inhibit your ability to get employed, approved for credit cards, and you will be on criminal databases for public search. Residents of Fullerton California who desire their criminal record to be expunged should contact a Fullerton expungement attorney, as they are the best when it comes to handling these matters. Under California Law, a person with a criminal conviction is allowed to withdraw their plea and their criminal record is sealed meaning that the crime never occurred according to the record books. The plantiff is then free from any further punishment that might result from their conviction.

Expungement Lawyer Orange County – A criminal record can haunt you for the rest of your life if you let it. The best method for dealing with such a problem is to hire an Orange County expungement lawyer from a firm such as ours. We will start on your case immediately. California law provides many different techniques we can employ to free you from your criminal past.

California Criminal Records – There was a time when there was actually something known as privacy in this country. The concept is mostly laughable these days, particularly if you have any type of criminal record. This is particularly true for California criminal records which appear in all the major databases that are tapped by background check companies. Given this, it is a good life and career move to find out if your record is clean.

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Jun 17, 2015

I thought I would have to spend another year on probation but thanks to you guys helping me with the early termination of probation I was able to get off a year early and get my record expunged.  Thank you!

Bethany S., Orange
Aug 15, 2013

You guys have done something great here.  Your expungement of my criminal record has opened up new opportunities in my life.

Jason P., Fullerton
Feb 22, 2012 saved my life!  I was having problems getting employment until the Law Office of Jimmy Cha was able to expunge my record.  I was able to proudly say ‘No’ when asked about any prior convictions during interviews

Sean H., California